Street Faire

Friends, Family, Community and the Magic of Live Music

For three or four hours, seven summertime Friday evenings, life is just like it should be. Babies don’t cry, dogs don’t bark, and wise elders feel nineteen again. The Muse visits the musicians pretty much every night and dances when the spirit moves her. We don’t know why this all happens here, we’re just glad it does.

Great American Music 2015

  • Jun 12 MarchFourth!

    Did you know that the band formerly known as the March 4th Marching Band and the Street Faire share a 2003 birthday? Hmmm… we both love music. We both revere originality. We both like to have a good time… Bingo! Separated at birth! We’re kicking off the summer with our favorite sibling! Learn more
  • Jun 19 Marcia Ball

    What’s that you say? You want the high-kickin’, ivory-ticklin’ lady from Austin? Twist our arm. Join us for an evening of fabulous music, dancing and early summer fun. Let’s laissez les bons temps rouler one more time with the great Marcia Ball and her amazing band.

    Learn more
  • Jun 26 The Elders

    Did you enjoy the Young Dubliners at the Faire? Thought so. And if you liked the Dubs, you’re going to love The Elders. This is the real Irish/Americana deal. Nothing trendy or fluffy here, mate. So lace up your party shoes and come ready to shake your shamrock. Slainte!

    Learn more
  • Jul 3 Dark

    Learn more
  • Jul 10 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

    The second closest thing to heaven on this planet anywhere, is gonna be this Friday eve, at the ol’ Street Faire. We are honored, kinda giddy actually, to have one of the great American bands at the Steinbaugh. Please join us for a very special evening with Colorado’s own Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

    Learn more
  • Jul 17 Geno Delafose

    It took some work to convince Mr. Delafose to leave Louisiana and bring his magic to Louisville, but we made it happen and, oh boy, are y’all in for a treat. Geno and his band, the French Rockin’ Boogie, are the real Cajun/Creole/Zydeco deal. You make sure to bring your dancing shoes, hear?

    Learn more
  • Jul 24 Samantha Fish

    Third time’s the charm.

    Learn more
  • Jul 31 Chris Daniels & Bill Payne

    When Little Feat played the Faire in 2011, they invited their good friend Chris Daniels to join them. It was so much fun we’re bringing some Feat to the Faire again with the spectacular Bill Payne joining Chris on the keys. Love good music? Join us for Chris Daniels & Friends this Friday night.

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  • Aug 7 Gin Blossoms

    We bet you sounded great singing along with their hits on the radio. Let’s hear what you can do at the Faire. We’re dipping into the desert to bring one of America’s great rock bands to the Steinbaugh stage. Please extend a warm Louisville welcome to the boys from Phoenix.

    Learn more
  • Aug 14 Firefall

    How perfect to close out the summer with our local Colorado Music Hall of Fame inductees, Class of 2014. Come sing along with 5000 of your closest friends as the great band from Boulder—including Mr. Mark Andes on bass guitar—fills the Downtown air with their timeless fare.

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The Street Faire runs 5:30–9:30pm.

The Street Faire is at the Steinbaugh Pavilion, 824 Front Street. Music starts around 6:00.

There is excellent food, cold drinks, lots of children’s activities, quality arts, crafts, sundries, and, because of our awesome sponsors, this event is FREE!

Rules? We don’t need no stinking rules! Well, actually we do, for courtesy and legal reasons.

  1. PLEASE do not bring alcohol to the Faire—it is illegal and just not faire to the folks bringing you this free event. Alcohol sales fund the Faire!
  2. PLEASE do not carry alcohol outside the Faire boundaries—this is also illegal
  3. PLEASE do not bring your own chairs or blankets anywhere under the tents or under the pavilion
  4. PLEASE park in legal spaces only or you will get towed
  5. PLEASE be courteous of our neighbors! Stay out of yards and gardens and do not leave trash or bodily fluids
  6. The Street Faire is a NO SMOKING event


Q: Can I bring food to the Faire?
A: Yes, but why not try a Downtown restaurant or some of the excellent Faire cuisine?
Q: Can I bring alcohol to the Faire?
A: Absolutely not.
Q: What beverages are for sale?
A: We sell Avery Brewing, Crystal Springs Brewing and Gravity Brewing beers, a selection of wines, Espolòn Margaritas, and Stem ciders. Water is available from our food vendors for purchase.
Q: Are credit cards accepted?
A: Yes!
Q: Can I bring my dog to the Faire?
A: Due to the crowd size and potentially hot weather, we do not feel the Faire is a good place for your dog. That said, it is not illegal. They must be able to handle crowds and you must take very good care of them—dogs are not allowed under the tents or the pavilion.
Q: Can I bring folding chairs to the Faire?
A: Yes, but the chairs CANNOT be set up under the tents or the pavilion.
Q: Where is First Aid?
A: Look for the First Aid booth staffed by the Louisville Fire Department located in the library parking lot.
Q: Is there a lost and found?
A: Yes, at the north ticket sales booth.

Auto Parking

You can park in any legal space, but PLEASE be courteous to our neighbors:

  1. Do not park in restaurant lots unless you are eating there
  2. Do not block driveways—you will get towed
  3. Do not walk through residents’ yards
  4. DO NOT leave body fluids in residents’ yards

We also have lots of free parking available in DELO, just a short walk away.

Bicycle Parking

The Street Faire Bike Corral is located due west of the Steinbaugh, behind Bittersweet near the alley. Bring a lock!

Vendor Opportunities

We are now accepting Vendor Applications for the 2023 Street Faire.
Questions? Please contact Lawrence Anderson, Street Faire Manager.

Volunteer Opportunities

Help the Street Faire be a huge success!

If you would like to volunteer to work at the Faire, please email Lawrence Anderson

Revenue from the Street Faire goes into making Historic Downtown a better place. Street Faire revenue funds, or helps fund:

  • Holiday Lights
  • Summer Flowers
  • Carriage Rides
  • The Arts District
  • Local Charities

You can contribute: